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Open your Abundance portal and
live your Dream life. 

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In August 2021 I was at point in life I felt stuck.

I was unhappy with every person and situation around me.

I was working for 12 hours a day including weekends which led me to burnout, extreme stress and anger. 

That is when I came across Law of Attraction and understood root cause of my problem.


It was lack of self esteem and self love.

All of that because of lot of Traumas, griefs and baggage's I was carrying.   

I started working on my inner self. 

I changed my belief system. 

I understood my Value system.

I took 100% responsibility of Life.

I healed lot of my past traumas, griefs and baggage's. 

Then I started creating goals, visions, life purpose. 

Life became beautiful. 

My work came back to 8 hours per day. 

I felt joyful at work. 

I attracted positive collegus at work. 

I got 3 salary hikes 20% + each in span of 1 and half year. 

My husband 3X his salary by switching his job. 

We moved to bigger house.

We brought bigger car. 

We started traveling to beautiful places in 5 star hotels. 

That day I decided this is something all women should know how Manifestation and law of attraction works. How they can change their physical reality by working on their mindset. 

I am hear to help you out in  creating a beautiful dream life that will fulfil you from inside out. 

DM me on instagram at - manifestationcoach_vidyotma and i will get back to you how you can create a dream life you were born for,

Do connect with me at

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